Surprises Just Keep Coming

Sportsman's Warehouse in Las Vegas is having a Doopalpoop made just for them. Our creative staff has been working on this new Doopalpoop and he is going to travel the entire walk. Wow, the surprises just keep coming in.

Adoptions Are Happening

Wow! Our very first large order of Doopalpoops. (That will keep Laima, our co-founder and designer busy for a few weeks. I can’t tell you who yet as we are waiting for the final approval from our board of directors to approve the adoptions, but this is the beginning. This is great!

We’re Back!

I am Harvey P. Little the “original” Doopalpoops. My family is very excited as we have been brought back out of the closet and we are now being shared with deserving humans across the country. This is my first official blog and I want to say thank you for participating in this wonderful world of Doopalpoops. I also want to thank our President of our Adoption agency, Katrina Fay Sarac, for allowing me to write a blog. In the upcoming blogs we will share many stories with you and we are honored to have you become a part of our lives.