Hello, My Name is Harvey P. Little. I am the “original” from the family of Doopalpoops. We were created for the purpose of being adopted. In our past  we were known as Sock-It-To-Me-Puppets, But we will now be known as Doopalpoops.  My family continues to grow and we hope you will consider adopting one of my family members. We never feel complete until we have been adopted. Remember we were created to be shared with others throughout the world. 

Harvey P. Little, Spokes Puppet for the Doopalpoops

Laima Boyd is one of the founders of Doopalpoops and she stays very busy creating more Doopalpoops who are now very eager to be adopted. Laima finds volunteers to assist her as the Doopalpoops are gaining popularity. She will be setting up Adoption Workshops and can help with your adoption and to show you how to make your Doopalpoop correctly. If you or your business would like to sponsor the adoption of Doopalpoops for a child or organization, get in touch. She has also compiled kits that are now available for sale. You can always contact Laima thru our website.

Robert F. Smith is totally blind, and since he is a master at sharing Intentional Acts of Kindness, it is befitting to have him be a part of the Doopalpoops. Robert is an entrepreneur who wants to create products and align with companies who reach out to others. Each year, during The Kindness Walk, his dream is to find 1,000 adoptive parents/kids who want to help Robert get the Doopalpoops to kids who are sick, seniors who need a friend, or maybe someone who just needs some cheering up. Robert will smile when he knows 1,000 additional Doopalpoops have been adopted so he can bring smiles to everyone.