Coming Soon

The Doopalpoops were created to spark creativity and allow kids from across the country to be involved in making a Doopalpoop puppet and writing their own story or adventure about the Doopalpoop they created. Listed below are a few stories that will be coming out later this summer. We hope you will request to adopt a Doopalpoop and who knows you may become our next author.

One of our upcoming highlights will be stories that have been written by kids who are the receivers of the Doopalpoops. You will be able to submit your story with the name of your puppet and a picture of you with your puppet. Each accepted story will honor the author and we will put the stories up for sale on our website as an e-book.

The funds we receive from the sale of e-books will help us to continue our adoptions and programs that promote intentional acts of kindness and love. We already have some approved stories and we are waiting for the co-author, Harvey P. Little to complete the e-books. Our goal is to have over 25 stories accepted by December 2019.

The Doopalpoops – Written by Owen Burgess and Harvey P. Little

This is the original story of how the Doopalpoops came to be. This is where the magic of the Dooplapoops will spark your creativity.

The Secret Question – Written by Katrina Fay Sarac and Harvey P. Little

This is a story that answers the question of how to stay out of trouble forever! Imagine what that would be like?

Robbie Helps Sockville – Written by Addison Tomkowiak and Harvey P. Little

Best Friends -Written by Bella Rose Godfrey and Harvey P. Little