About Doopalpoops

Our History

The Doopalpoops were originally called Sock-It-To-Me-Puppets, and they were created because throughout the years, as puppeteers were doing performances they wanted to gift a puppet to a few kids in the audience. We wanted to expand this idea to gift the Doopalpoops to everyone in the audience. We couldn’t afford to give everything away, so we felt we could set up an adoption agency for the Doopalpoops. In addition, we could allow people to contribute funds to purchase puppet supplies to be used to create more puppets or to pay for an adoption of a puppet for a child.

After refining our puppets, we found a unique look and we developed a mouthpiece that would help the movement of the puppet. After a few years, we put the Doopalpoops in the closet and they were quietly silent; then this last October, we decided to get the boxes out, dust off the Doopalpoops and bring smiles back to people who have never felt the love of a Doopalpoop.


Our Purpose

Our main purpose for creating Doopalpoops was to give them to kids across the country. That has expanded to anyone who would like a puppet. It is thru this we found kids love to write stories, see their creations shared with someone else, and they begin to understand what it means to pay it forward.

We will continue to share our message of gifting to others thru the Doopalpoops and maybe the world will be just a bit kinder because the Doopalpoops are made to bring smiles to everyone’s heart