Doopalpoops Adoption Agency

Choose a pUppet to adopt

*sock design and colors MAY vary

 To begin your official adoption these are the steps to make it happen: 

• Select and purchase how many Doopalpoops you want to adopt. They come pre-made or in a make-your-own kit.  

• Wait for your Kit. (Doopalpoops can be pre-made by us, but you will have to wait 2-3 weeks for your adoption to go thru.)

• Follow our directions - A video with all the directions will be available online. This is an important step for making a correct Doopalpoop. 

 Optional – but extra fun:

• Name your Doopalpoop, create your story and send us your story and a picture of you with your Doopalpoop. 

•Download your “Official Adoption Certificate.” right below.

** Shipping and Handling charges will be added into the adoption when shipped.

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You can download your Adoption Certificate here for free